Level design // Level editing


The games I program are  made in C++ (Standard Library) with Visual Studio

Cityscene Venice, Italy -  Low Poly

I've created a city scene of Venice, Italy.

The assigment was to create your own piece of the city in Low Poly.

tasks :

  • create models in 3D (3ds Max)
  • Unwrap the models
  • Texture the models
  • Place them in the scene

Cem Alagozlu

Game Developer // Programmer

Attack on Titan : Gear swords : High poly baked on low poly.

I've created the Attack On Titan swords.

tasks :

  • Create High Poly model in 3ds Max
  • Create Low Poly in 3ds Max
  • Unwrap Low Poly weapon
  • Bake High Poly weapon on Low Poly weapon
  • Make materials in Substance Designer
  • Paint weapon in Substance Painter with materials
  • Place model in Unreal Engine

3D - High poly baked on low poly

Illyrian Legion (the level)

The Illyrian Legion Level is made in Unreal Engine for Unreal Tournament.

I've made this level with 3ds Max, Unreal Engine and Photoshop

(bellow, you can find some WIP pictures)

The Sweet Darkness (2D-game)

The powerful demon lord Daevas loses his powers after his loved one disappears.  Daevas need to find his way though the levels to find his loved one back to regain his powers.

The game is a 2D sidescroller platform, programmed in C++.

Dango - Clannad (2D-game)

The cute little character from the anime Clannad has been brought to life ! Find every key to free your other Dango family members!

The game is a 2D sidescroller platform, programmed in C++.

the gameplay is programmed by Thomas de Wispelaere, the U.I. (menu) was programmed by me (Cem)

God of Mouse (2D-game) - Experimental phase

This is a simple maze game.

After 5 weeks of learning C++, me and Lukas Aerts were able to create this project. Lukas did the level design, I (Cem) made the U.I. and the boss battles.

This is just a short project to experiment our freshly C++ skills that we have learned in 5 weeks time.

3D - LowPoly

Graphic & Design

I create my work in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

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Cem Alagozlu

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